I was always interested in Augmented Reality apps. Since the first time I’ve got a smart phone with GPS and Accelerometer sensors, I’ve been experimenting with them to enhance the usability of apps and games. AR apps go even further and usually add significant value to your application. But researching for different approaches, performance issues, error filtering and experimenting with implementations takes so much resources, that it becomes a problem for regular developers to proceed to a state where you go beyond simple experiments and have something presentable/publishable.

That is why I was so excited to see a book published on this specific topic and using the framework I was quite familiar with: “Augmented Reality using Appcelerator Titanium Starter”.

In this book, Trevor Ward, the author, Certified Titanium developer and active member of Titanium community, explained how you can create Geo location based Augmented Reality app, which can efficiently display multiple Points of Interests, including distance and direction of these points according to your current location and direction.

After reading the book, I was really impressed, that it covered basically everything, from the code samples and Titanium Best practices and gotchas as app structure, data flow and creating cross platform UI, to complex math calculations, explaining different approaches, which are suitable for specific situations and why.

I really liked how the author is concentrating on the efficiency and performance of the application, because this is usually a common bottle neck for most Augmented Reality apps.

The resulting project, called augmentedTi, is open sourced and available for public view, but to understand everything from the basics to all the decisions made and chosen approaches I would really recommend to read the book.

My only warning is that you’d probably need some experience with Appcelerator Titanium to fully understand and use everything explained in the book. Other than that, if you want to efficiently add location aware points of interest to your Titanium app, this book is the must have.