If you need to set up a pattern image as fill for object or background, the best way to do it, is to create a shape and fill it with texture, like this:

local texture = Texture.new("images/crate.png", true, {wrap = Texture.REPEAT})
local shape = Shape.new()
shape:setFillStyle(Shape.TEXTURE, texture)    
shape:lineTo(application:getDeviceWidth(), 0)
shape:lineTo(application:getDeviceWidth(), application:getDeviceHeight())
shape:lineTo(0, application:getDeviceHeight())

Problem is, that due to OpenGL limitations, repeating space must be 2^n size, or else you may result in spaces between repeating images:

So if you have for example 130x130 image, it means that pattern is created for 256x256 image (2^8). Best thing you can do is to downsize image to closest 2^n, which in this case would be 128px (2^7) and then apply this 128x128 pattern as shown in example code above.