Here is a quick implementation of Appirater in Gideros using Lua, thus it works on both Android and IOS devices.

Download Gideros AppRater.

You can provide a linkt to rate your IOS and Android version of apps.

Basically AppRater waits for one of two conditions to become true, either user uses the app for specific amounts of time, or specific amounts of days have passed since first use. All conditions are configurable.

Then user may rate your app, or decline rating the app, so he won't be bothered again (not untill next version), or to be reminded to rate app later, in this case both conditions are increased by remindTimes and remindDays values.

When submiting new version of the app, change version number you pass to AppRater, thus all previoes conditions will be ignored and everything will be started from scratch.

Usage is pretty simple:{
	androidRate = "", --link to rate Android app
	iosRate = "",     --link to rate IOS app
	timesUsed = 15,   --times to use before asking to rate
	daysUsed = 30,    --days to use before asking to rate
	version = 0,      --current version of the app
	remindTimes = 5,  --times of use to wait before reminding
	remindDays = 5,    --days of use to wait before reminding
	rateTitle = "Rate My App",
	rateText = "Please rate my app",
	rateButton = "Rate it now!",
	remindButton = "Remind me later",
	cancelButton = "No, thanks"