If you've never become completely addicted to a game before, prepare yourself, because Game Dev Story is one big time-sink. But it's also one of the most satisfying little sim games to appear on a mobile platform in quite some time. It also does what it says on the tin.

So if you love to play games on the go, whether it's on your O2 phone or your Apple iPad, then prepare yourself for Game Dev because once you start, it really is impossible to put down! At first, you have a small office with four employees - a tiny indie game development company. You can make basic games for the PC, and as you grow, move into bigger offices, hire more staff, and create better games, new consoles will come out, awards events will take place, and you'll start gaining fans.
It sounds like an intense process, your little company being tasked with creating the next World of Warcraft, and all the while ensure your staff are levelling up, training, and gearing up so that eventually they can make their own console!

What makes it so appealing isn't just the game and its simple mechanics (four stats make up each game, your staff generate stats in ones and twos for each stat during the timed development process, with bursts at significant milestones). The art is absolutely fantastic - pixel art with little characters that should remind those who are familiar with Japanese art styles of manga's super-deformed "chibi" characters.

It's also a homage to gaming. All the consoles you know and love are there, although their names are changed, and it's fun to watch the evolution of consoles take place up until the current generation - at which point, you start making your own and lead your company into an era of market dominance! Not a bad way to spend some time on the commute, is it? So go out and grab Game Dev Story now - and check out Kairosoft's other sim games - you won't regret it, although you might when you realise it's five in the morning!